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Unfortunately, we all live in a system that uses money and in order to achieve our goals we need money, that is a fact of life. There is no paradox in inviting monetary donations, the ultimate goal of this group is clear, to support a transition from a Monetary Based Economy to a Resource Based Economy but we must interact with the environment as it is if we hope to make progress.





We strongly suggest that people consider an additional small donation to our cause or even consider diverting existing donations. Together we can raise awareness and work toward attaining critical mass, essential for moving this train of thought forward.

Our financial arrangements will be transparent. Our accounts will be available for all to inspect at our gatherings. Hopefully we can generate enough interest to build a community. Once this is achieved  we will discuss our priorities and discuss ways of attracting funding. We will need to draft a constitution and take advice in relation to tax affairs.

We will strive for consensual agreement from the group in all decisions but where there is disagreement, it will be the professionals in a given field that must have the final say. In line with the ethos of a Resource Based Economy, conclusions will be arrived at as logically and scientifically as possible. All decisions will be accompanied by a full explanation. We will do our best to avoid arbitrary voting systems. 

This is an appeal to philanthropists everywhere, if you have the financial means please help us. If you don't, then we would very much value your personal support by attending our gatherings and possibly participating in fundraising events.  

We would also particularly like to hear from wealthy individuals who may be in a position to donate buildings or land. This is your world too. Your money will not protect you from a banking collapse, impending societal unrest and environmental catastrophe. The world needs your help.


Our first goal is to develop this website and produce promotional material. We will then look toward funding office space with a view to employing  professional fundraisers and marketing specialists. The ultimate goal is to purchase property with land that could be developed into an education, research and community centre based in North Wales.

Very many of us make regular donations to a number of different charities and they are well intentioned but we must understand that our donations will never resolve the causes they support. Poverty, child cruelty, disease, cruelty to animals, environmental damage are all by-products of the current system. They will remain whilst the conditions that give rise to them prevail.



Despite our donations to cancer charities, the cure for cancer will not come quickly whilst medical and pharmaceutical companies compete with each other. Corporations are forced to be secretive about their discoveries if they want to retain the competitive edge.


Click here to see what we can achieve when we work together - all volunteers !



Cures for all manner of disease will come quickly when our greatest problem solvers are allowed to use their own initiative, share information and are given the freedom to co-operate with their peers.    


We look forward to meeting like minded people. Perhaps together, we can make this world a better place to be.